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Detailed Insect Figures Done With Bamboo Looks Amazing

Did you know that a huge amount of animals species are insects? Yes, almost 80% of the species that are known to man are insects. These tiny crawling animals are doing some of the most crucial jobs in order to contribute to the environment’s operation.

In appreciation of these small and very interesting animals, a Japanese artist crafts an amazing set of sculptures by bamboo. Interesting as it sounds, Bamboo fiber is a very awesome material chosen by the artist; Noriyuki Saitoh. This fiber can be crafted in many ways without being broken. Therefore, it becomes a perfect material for his creations.

These sculptures are very small, generally on a 1:1 scale. It can get a bit bigger all these insects can rest in your palm. So, you can say that these creations are very realistic. The details of these sculptures are something impressive to discuss. The colors and the look of it are very ‘bone’ and organic-like. With translucent papers pasted over the wing skeleton, the sculptures take a very realistic look to themselves.

Saitoh has explained to My Modern Met that his creations are not replicas that are lined up. They are made with a precise focus on the insects’ physical details. These minute things that the artist paid attention to are the things that enhance the nature of these sculptures to another level.

The reason he sculpts a skeleton-like sculpture is that he prefers to stop himself from the basic details and let the imagination of each person fill in the rest in their own ideal nature. So, the artist invites his customers to be a part of his art as well. These sort of artists who takes different approaches are the people who create breakthrough art since they explore a path that no one usually does.

More info & Photo courtesy: Noriyuki Saitoh | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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