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Digital Art Of Few Extinct Animals With Their Modern-Day Descendants Will Truly Shock You

From the time where the Earth was populated by creatures on land, there were many ages, eras, and changes that the planet faced. All along these times, many species of animals when extinct and adopted themselves by altering themselves to create newer types of animals in the same species. These changes did not happen during a single generation, the changes took generations and generations to settle into an animal’s gene codes.

This article of about an artist who rendered conceptual digital art of these ancestors of today prevailing animals. The name of this talented artist is Roman Uchytel, he works with modern technology which facilitates him to do photo manipulations to create concept art of these extinct animals. He has created these pictures placing these extinct animals alongside their present descendants. 

This set of photos will give us a wider explanation than a mere description. We can literally compare the ratios and imagine what these animals would look like if they roamed on this planet in the present day. These pictures are inspired by the modern expeditions and findings of these animals, the fossils, and the DNA details that are recovered.

Uchytel has these posted on the website prehistoric-fauna that discusses these topics on a much broader level. A lot of people have shown interest in his work on this website and on his social media accounts as well.

So, we decided to bring you a collection of these comparison pictures that we have found on Uchytel’s website. You can scroll down and upvote your favorites to the top while you enjoy the list below. These are a set of some amazing animals that really did live on Earth a huge amount of years ago. Please feel free to comment down your thoughts to share them with us.

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