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Disney Designs Amazing Wedding Dresses To Make You A Princess On Your Special Day

Everybody just loves Disney. They fairy tales, the wonderlands, princesses and mostly the magical dresses. Everyone of us has fallen in many aspects of a Disney production and it will live in our hearts for a lifetime. As much as everyone loves Disney, every girl dreams of putting on such a dress like the princesses do. Do not worry, Disney has your back.

Disney Japan  in collaboration with Kuraudia Co. has launched a project in designing 14 Disney character based wedding dresses. These are made totally based on characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and many more. These beautiful pieces of bridal attires are themed on fairy tales, but the designers have taken special care not to make them look like a costume. Even though they are Disney themed, they are legit bridal dresses.

This announcement has caused a lot of conversation and a lot of young women are looking forward to making their special day a magical one. But, there is one small catch if you want to become a Disney themed bride. Disney Japan only rents these bridal dresses out for events inside the country. So, if you want to wear one of these magical dresses, you might have to alter your wedding destination to Japan.

Costing about $3600 per dress as rental, You can be wearing a Disney made authentic bridal dress. Furthermore, Japan has some of the most stunning locations to make your wedding even more exotic and beautiful. So, if your plan for a wedding is an exotic getaway, this is your chance to sprinkle some of that magic dust onto it as well. We have collected some pictures of the bridal dresses they have and please visit the official Disney Japan  website for more information. Do not forget to share what you think about these wonderful dresses in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Disney Japan  | Disney Bridal Dresses


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