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Disney Themed Dress Collection That You Won’t Take Your Eyes Off Of

The world has been magically touched by Disney production all over the past decades. A lot of artists have been inspired by it. This is about a collection of dresses that have been designed by an Australian fashion label named, Paolo Sebastian

This was designed for the summer collection for the year 2018. The collection of 34 gowns were exhibited in the dress run away titled; Once Upon A Dream. These dresses were inspired by Disney themes and elements in those productions. The head designer of the Paolo label, Paul Vasileff explains that their dresses were inspired by the classic Disney princesses who associate with french lace, sparkling clothing, floral elements, and so on.

This label has a collection of very talented designers who put their maximum effort into crafting these magical dresses. When we take a look at the runaway venue it was the Adelaide Fashion Festival of 2018 and it was themed as a magical woodland which was perfect for these dresses.

This set of dresses were supposed to be a tribute to all the magical creations that took generations of children to magical worlds. By looking at the photos of this runaway event, you can be sure that the designers hit their mark. The head designer Vasileff has proved himself to be one strong designer in Australia and upheld the Paolo label in the international scene as well.

This set of dresses have been spoken of all over the world and loved by many people. Scroll down to check out the set of pictures that we have collected for you. You can upvote your favorites to the top and click on the links for more details. Please share your ideas with us in the comments sections.

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