Do You Know About The 'Crown Shyness' Effect In Forest Canopies?

When you take a walk in the woods, smelling the fresh air and a relaxing atmosphere, take a look up. What you might find will amaze you. In forests and woods where there is a dense population of trees, a canopy will form. A canopy is basically a roof like structure which is formed by the tree tops aligning with each other.

Some of these times, the canopies might present a phenomenon called the ‘Crown Shyness’. What this means is that even though a canopy is formed in unison, the tree tops do not touch each other. Yes, it is a bit weird when you think of it, that is why we have decided to list down a set of pictures that will explain to you what this phenomenon looks like.

This strange structuring was first observed in the years of the 1920s. Although few theories have been brought forward, nothing is still a proven fact. But, when you look at it, it is very clear that the entire canopy has the same effect when it is present.

Some explain that it is a natural precaution to be safe of insects and other harmful things from the neighboring trees. The others explain that this structure is made with the branches snapping against each other when wind blows in all directions with the time. Another theory is that the trees make space for the rest of the forest to get sunlight. Although there are a handful of theories and explanations, nothing has been yet proven and confirmed.

We might not have a scientific explanation yet, but we certainly can enjoy its beauty. So, scroll down to check out these pictures that present the ‘ Crown Shyness’ effect in certain tree canopies. Rank the best canopy to the top and please do share your ideas or even if you have other explanations to this effect, down in the comments sections.


Written by Alex Bradley

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