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Doggy Portraits From An Angle You Have Never Seen Before

Animals are some of the most adorable things in the whole world and almost every person will agree with this. And there are a lot of conversations, especially about doggos in particular. This article too is about an amazing project incorporating dogs.

Meet this creative photographer; Andrius Burba. He has taken a very creative approach to his photo series “Under-Dogs“. The name itself suggests the uniqueness of this photo collection. He has places doggos on a glass surface and captured their portraits from under the glass, capturing a totally different angle where most of the commonly taken photos do not.

A number of dogs took part in this project. We can see the quirky behavior of these cute animals in their portraits. Even though they were curious and enthusiastic, they remained on the glass obediently.

Burba explained to the My Modern Met that he has done more photoshoots like this, under the glass. “Under-Cats” was the photo series he has done with cats in the same approach and this photographer believes that this could be his signature style in photography since this is a creative idea that has not been done before.

The uncommonness in these pictures has drawn the attention of a lot of people on the internet. While receiving the love and attention, these photos have been shared across the world, so we decided to bring you some of them as well. Scroll down to check them out and do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy:  Underlook | Facebook | Andrius Burba


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