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This Artist Draws On Inanimate Objects To Give Them Life

Artists do much more than creating art in different art forms, they let emotions, energy flow through their art. These forms of art have such a potential that I can create life itself in them. This is the magic that binds us to art, making them treasured artwork.

In this article. we thought of unraveling this statement by using a set of incredible and very creative art. Let’s kick it off by learning about its origin; the artist behind this project, Irfan Yilmaz. Originally from Turkey, he now resides in Boston, USA. Known as the  “Doodletheaction”, he is known for creating life in most peculiar places using his doodle art.

Even though doodle art might not be considered to be an important form of drawing by some people, this artist creates surrealistic scenes by them. He creates this artwork in his head as he notices some random sight almost anywhere. After capturing them on camera, he creates a digital doodle art on it in the most creative way.

Irfan mostly brings inanimate objects; man-made or natural into characters that will make the photo come to life with a brand new interpretation of itself. You would see a cat given guns to create an awesome action scene, or a skyscraper with hands to create a quirky character out of it, and much more amazing things that flow out of this artist’s imagination.

We thought of sharing some of his creative work for you below. Scroll down to have a look at this cool set of doodles and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections below. You can also upvote your favorites to the top of this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: doodletheaction