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40 Amazing Photos Of Eerie Abandoned Places On Earth

The world is changing at a fast rate but the change we humans do is a bit permanent. Urbanization has been spreading on the face of Earth like wildfire. But the downside for that is that people do not take responsibility for what they do with the planet and it has left scars of the past as abandoned things and places.

People leave structures, vehicles, and all sorts of things behind, to abandon them because of various reasons. Just because they are left behind, it does not mean that they will degrade and blend into Nature instantly. Buildings, vehicles, and other structures that people build do not decompose very easily. Even though Nature grows around, engulfing them, they will always remain in the places where they were left for a long period of time.

So, when you find such a place in the middle of nowhere, you will have rather an eerie feeling to witness something that should be seen in an urbanized location is found in the wild. There are a lot of places on Earth where people have located these sort of abandoned places and things. People capture them on camera whenever they stumble across something like that and share them with the world on the internet.

We have collected a set of photos that people have posted online for you. These photographs are breathtaking and give you a feeling as if these locations were pulled off a story book of a fantasy tale. You can scroll down to check out some of the most awesome locations where things were left abandoned. Some of these places might even surprise you. Scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorite locations to the top of this list. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in our comments sections as well!


Written by Alex Bradley

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