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The Enchanting Interiors Of Buildings Abandoned In Europe

As we all are coming out of a pandemic a lot of people have anticipated this moment to be free. People have started to socialize again, furthermore, travel is back in trend! For years and decades, the tourist attractions and hotspots remained the same. But there are some people who like to visit the lesser-known places in the world to discover the hidden.

Places that are hidden in the forests, with things that are abandoned await great travelers who are in search of an adventure. When we think about the topic of ‘abandoned places’, most of us would imagine a place which is surrounded by the forest. But did you know that you cant find a lot of abandoned places even in modern cities?

Well here is a photographer who has a yearning to venture into the unknown. He is Romain Thiery from France, being a photographer & an artist. He decided to take his adventure in a way that photographers don’t usually take in taking pictures of abandoned places. Usually, we see photos of abandoned places with a beautiful spread of landscape around them as nature crawls all around them. But with Romain, presented a different perspective. He captured amazing shots of the interior of these abandoned places you will see below.

One of the reasons why he did that is to emphasize the amazing interior designs and the other reason was that these abandoned places were in urban Europe. Taking a trip around Europe’s cities, Romain capture some astonishing set of buildings on his camera that he posted on Bored Panda.

Scroll down to check them out and visit him using the links mentioned below. Do not forget to share what you think about this article in the comments sections.

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