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Photos Of The Enchanting Shiratani Unsuikiyo Forest In Japan

Nature is the one supplementing element of all life on this planet. It runs way back, millions of years, even before the existence of humans. These amazing elements of Nature literally give us life while creating extraordinary landscapes.

In this article, we will be bringing you a set of photos of an ancient forest that dates back thousands of years ago. Meet Yuichi Yokota, he is the talent behind the camera that captured the photos that you will see below this article. Being a professional photographer in Japan, he is an internationally recognized photographer who works with SONY, Apple, Google, and many more clients. He always loved Nature and loved to explore it.

So, we came across an amazing set of photos that he recently released about an ancient forest in Japan by the name of ‘Shiratani Unsuikiyo’. This becomes very interesting and special because this particular forest has a collection of cider trees which are aged around 7000 years!

The importance and the staggering beauty of this forest have made part of it as a Natural World Heritage Site in the year of 1993. This forest is situated on an Island which is south of Kyushu. Currently, it is open to the public as a National Park. You can take a hike among these ancient trees if you get the chance of visiting Japan.

Another fun fact about this forest is that this was the inspiration for the famous anime movie “Princess Mononoke” by Studi Ghilbi. So these are very interesting facts for you to pay this island a visit.

Scroll down to check out some of the awesome photos that Yuichi published on Bored Panda that we shared for you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

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