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Enchanting Russian Fantasy Tales Recreated With Real Animals

Creativity and vivid imagination have created many things in this world. Those two elements can be the most powerful things to start and ideas that will change the world. One of the main things that feed and nurture our imagination is fairy tales.

This Russian photographer Olga Barantseva has done a very amazing project that takes her back to her younger days where she lived in the fairy tales that were related to her. This photoshoot becomes very special for a couple of reasons. The fact that she recreated these amazing scenes, using the Russian landscape with amazing outfits and props to the advantage of these photos is just awesome. Capturing the fantasy element of the fairy tales that these photos are based on, Barantseva has resurrected a fantasy world of her own.

Another reason that her photo series stand out from the others which are done all over the world is that she has used real animals alongside the models in the photo. This improves the fantasy element in her photos since a lot of fairy tales include animals that interact with the characters. She has used all sorts of animals in this series, but our attention falls on one specific character who looks familiar.

This is Stephan the bear. Raised in a circus for a long time, Stephan is too tamed to be released to the wilderness again. So instead of doing the impossible, Stephan now features in all sorts of photo shoots, movies, and TV! This Russian photographer and this adorable bear have met each other in previous projects, which made it much easier for the crew to work with the bear on this project.

Barantseva wants to create her fantasy worlds by using real props, locations, and subjects standing live than Photoshopping. This makes her a very talented photographer with amazing creativity and a vivid imagination. We have shared some pictures of her series for you below. Check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Olga Barantseva | Facebook | VK


Written by Alex Bradley

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