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Eye-Catching Cityscape Photo Augmentations Of Colorful Osaka In Japan

Japan is famously known for its colorful nightlife. Cities and towns come to life as the sun goes down every day. Even though the world has moved from neon light displays to flat screens and many advanced technologies, there are areas where they still stick to traditional neon lighting.

This is about a very creative and skillful photographer/editor Omi Kim who has a passion for capturing and enhancing these colorful nightscapes of the Japanese urban environment. He recently released an amazing collection of pictures where he captured and edited himself to augment and focus on his subject matter on the photo. This very skillful photographer has captured the neon colors of the lights and their reflection on the wet ground from the rain. This gives a really cozy vibe when you look at these photos.

Another reason that his pictures look really amazing is that he has edited them out to stand out in isolation to highlight the subject matter while blending everything else to be an inactive background. This gives the effect of an augmented reality where he even has edited in an astronaut and it feels as if these isolated buildings might be a part of a deserted city on the moon.

It is the pure talent backed up by creativity that took Kim to capture these beautiful cityscapes and augment them into something totally different and mind-blowing. He has been catching the eyes of many people on his Instagram account, where he posts a lot of his work.

These fantasy-like edits are something to see. So, we have got some of Kim’s photos for you, listed below. Check them out by scrolling down and comment down your ideas and thoughts about them.

More info & Photo courtesy: Omi Kim | Instagram


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