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Eye-Catching Pigeon Feather Murals All Over The World

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms all over the world. Whatever the medium or the style, it is the presentation of the artist’s artistic skill and ability. This is about a set of artwork, done by a talented artist, inspired by one element that has taken her all over the world.

Meet Adele Renault who is an Amazing artist from Los Angeles. She is known internationally for her artwork, especially for her mural painting. Her latest and ongoing series Gutter Paradise is a very remarkable series of murals, painted on the facades of the buildings across many cities and countries. These murals all are designed with a theme of pigeon feathers in vibrant colors. She has started this series in appreciation of these beautiful birds who are considered to be scavengers living in the gutters.

Growing up on a farm in Belgium, Renault was born to a family of musicians and artists. From her childhood, she was very interested in painting. As she grew up she started taking an interest in outdoor art, preferably graffiti. So, now that she is a professional artist, she has made her interest and skill meet in doing murals.

When this series Gutter Paradise is considered, Renault has taken a very macro view of the Pigeon feathers that she has painted. Through the vibrant colors, she has been able to surface the texture of each feather clearly. The softness of the feathers and the vibrant colors were her choice to give out positive energy to the people who look at it.

Her series is very interesting since the murals are not restricted to a certain area. Her murals are in different countries on different continents. A lot of people all over the world appreciate and talk about her work. So, we have collected some of her work for you. You can scroll down and upvote your favorite piece to the top of the list. Make sure you leave a comment as you scroll through the list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Adele Renault | Facebook | Instagram


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