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Eye Catching Scenic Embroidery That Will Amaze you

Embroidery is a very famous practice of stitching and it is also practiced as a hobby among many people. This is a story about an artist who is a quick learner, started her own type of embroidery pieces that had a unique set of properties to them.

Her name is Victoria Rose Richards and she is from England. Inspired by her country’s country-side. She created her own style of embroidery which mimics the scenery from an Aerial view perspective. Just as we see shapes and colors without any distinctive structures or forms, this artist manages to do the same.

She started to learn the art of embroidery and stitching style in 2018 and now she is doing very highly skilled works of embroidery using all types of stitching methods in a single piece. When creating these scenic views, she used different types of stitching patterns, so that she can get different layers and levels on her embroidery, giving it a 3D look to it. The greenery has a dense layer, while the grassy lands and the waters are almost flat. They do a very good job in letting us feel the geography through the layering.

Another reason why embroidery is famous is because it is used as a therapy, to focus on the patterns and mostly the colors. Richards enjoys the blending of colors. She uses many shades in the make of these Aerial views, especially on the section of the tree canopies. These color blends are very therapeutic even to a viewer who sweeps across all the different colors, placed in different positions, also with the use of different layering. 

She has posted her work on her social media accounts and she is receiving a lot of positive feedback on her work. She gets more motivated to take on more and more challenges and in the process, she puts them up on Etsy to be sold. We have listed some of her amazing work below, if you like them, you can follow the link and buy them to support Richards. Do not forget to comment down your thoughts about this amazing work as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Etsy | Instagram | Twitter


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