Famous Renaissance Paintings That Made Their Mark In History

One of the most impressive ages of the human history began at the dawn of the 16th Century; Renaissance. An uprise in almost every type of aesthetic form alive in this specific time period experienced a huge uprise and development. This caused an elevation of the entire civilization of the human civilization which has created incredible things which are celebrated up to date.

Among the many great things that saw the light of the world during this period, paintings were the most famous and profilic form of art. These brought forward amazing artists who are looked up to even in present day. Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli and many more. One of the most important things that happened in the paintings that were created in the Renaissance period was that the artists turned towards more humanism.

In the earlier periods of time, art was only for the aristocracy and dedicated only to the gods and divinity. This concept was changed, people began to include a lot of human figures, scenarios and humane emotions into their art forms even if they are based on divinity.

This change in the world of art created such a new burst of life in the artistic world remains fresh even in modern art world. The original paintings are secured, conserved and are either in world-famous museums or with high end art collectors, auctioned for millions or billions of dollars.

So, we thought of bringing you some of these mind blowing pieces of art work for you in the list below this article. So, scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about this list. If you know more about these amazing art, please do share it with us.


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