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Fantasy Photography With Colored Women Are Spectacularly Magical

Photography has a very wide area of niches in it. In these different sectors, the ‘fantasy’ element calls for a very magical and colorful theme into it. These photographs are usually inspired by fantasy, magical, and fairy tales. They usually present the most amazing scenes, designer clothing, make-up, and other elements to create a surrealistic scene in the photo.

But there has been a bit of shadowing done in that specific niche over the years. The fantasy genre of photography was mostly dominated by fair-skinned models. With the modern-day awakening of racial discrimination and imbalance in society, people are more concerned about things that support racial discrimination or the dominance of another.

To address the issue, the best way is to empower the suppressed without bringing down someone else. So this was presented by the Twitter user @btsanima initiated a thread where it supports ‘Black’ women in fantasy modeling and photography. This has been a very highlighted opportunity to show love to these beautiful women and also to explore an area of the beauty of the ‘fantasy’ genre.

People are already loving the chocolate taste of these fantasy-themed photos. This thread has opened eyes to many people in the world. So, we too have decided to bring you some amazing women who look absolutely magical. Scroll down to check out some fantasy ‘chocolate queens’ in the industry. Please feel free to comment down your ideas about this article in the comment sections.


Written by Alex Bradley

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