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First Braille smartwatch in the world Makes Screen Messages Feelable for Blind People

Over 285 million visually impaired persons live in the globe; some of their lives are going to improve significantly. The world’s first Braille wristwatch has been created by South Korean company Dot, and it includes all the capabilities you’d expect from a gadget from the twenty-first century.

Four dynamic active Braille cells are used to show information on The Dot, and users may choose how quickly the characters refresh. The Dot can receive any text from any app or service and pairs with a smartphone over Bluetooth, exactly like other smartwatches (think Messenger, directions from Google Maps, etc.). Additionally, users may send straightforward messages by utilizing the side buttons. The Dot also supports Open API, so anybody may create or modify.

There are many different digital assistive gadgets for the blind, but the great majority of them use sound. This poses issues since either a user must wear headphones to block out background noise, which is essential for blind persons, or they must make their information publicly available. Only around 5% of persons who are blind or visually impaired own one of the available digital Braille reading devices since they are often large and costly.

After three years of development, the Dot wristwatch will finally begin to be delivered to its 140,000 supporters (they also claim that Stevie Wonder is one of them). Beginning in March 2017, they intend to send 100,000 watches; the remaining 40,000 will go out in 2018. In London, 1,000 units will also be offered for $320 at retail.

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Written by Judy Philomen

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