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Flaunting Photos Of Long Hair Lying Flat Will Catch Your Eyes At A Glance

Hair is a naturally gifted element of fashion. Many people style it in different ways to accessorize it to enhance their appearance. Among the many styles that people try out hair length is something that people do not try very often. As much as it is not a mainstream trend, it is very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

This is about a Dutch girl named Krissy Elisabeth who has really long and thick hair. She is absolutely a real-life Rapunzel. Since har-styling is very popular, this young girl decided to do a photoshoot with her hair arranged flat in various aesthetical arrangements.

The reason she did this photoshoot is that she is a popular and active Instagram user. With a follower base of more than 11,000 followers on Instagram, Elisabeth creates content to show off to the world that styling possibilities multiply with the length of one’s hair. She has picked up different outfits, different types of backgrounds, and also fitting props for her theme in each photo.

Since this is not a photoshoot where her hair hangs down, she can lie down and create different and beautiful arrangements with her hair that are gorgeous. Since the posting of these pictures online, a lot of fashion enthusiasts have complimented her long hair and her creativity. Her pictures got famous on social media platforms and were shared all around the world.

So, we decided to bring you a collection of Krissy Elisabeth that she did a photoshoot of. Scroll down to check them out and upvote your favorite hairstyle to the top. Feel free to drop down your thoughts about these pictures in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Krissy Elisabeth


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