Fluid Art Which Are Seen Like The Earth's Terrain From Above

Art is a wonderful medium to express ourselves and to create amazing things to inspire and entertain. This is a story about such an art form which requires a lot of imagination and creativity. These are called ‘Fluid’ art. The name itself describes how it presents itself and also the reason for being special out of all other art forms which are ‘painted’.

Meet the artist behind these eye catching creations,  Roman De Giuli. He is a photographer and also a movie maker. Simply put he photographs his pieces to present as the final art. What he photographs is basically fluid paint flowing on the canvas. He uses long exposure shots on his camera to create an image where the colors are not halted, but flowing across the canvas. Check out some of his work that we have listed down for you.

More info & Photo courtesy:  SATELLIKE |  Roman De Giuli | Facebook | Instagram


The specialty in this collection is that he tries to mimic an Ariel view of a terrain by placing elevated elements and organic color paint to create a scene of a terrain. In his latest project  SATELLIKE, he has taken a step further. He is now creating 8k high quality video of his fluid art. These are very alike to an overhead view of an actual terrain of the planet.


The ‘Earth’ colors make the art so authentic.


This gives the artist as if he is far up in the sky looking down on our beautiful planet. This feeling is what has driven him to pursue this type of art. Looking at this fluid art gives you the pleasure of experiencing an over view, their flow, blends and all the organic behavior even without flying.


Check out the video of Roman De Giuil. Also do not forget to leave your ideas in the comments section below!



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