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This Creative Food Artist Does Cool Carvings On Vegetables

Food is a topic that has zero haters. It satisfies everyone, in the way they prefer. The world of food is far and wide, it literally has an infinite amount of dishes and combinations. It keeps on evolving and developing every single day.

Even though the food was eaten just to survive and was cooked to make sure it was safe to eat, it is much more than that now. Food is considered a form of art, where different methods of cooking create an amazing array of tastes, textures, and experiences. As much as it triggers your taste buds, it has a visual art to it as well. The colors, the presentation in serving has their own beauty as well.

As we were surfing on the internet, we found an amazing set of culinary carvings done by an amazing food Artist from Japan; Gaku. He is an internationally famous artist to create complex and artistic carvings done. Below this article, you will find a set of his latest carvings listed. This set of photos consists of mostly animals and complex features. He executes these carvings exactly how they would look in real life.

By posting the food carvings that this person amazingly creates on Instagram, Gaku has managed to stir and grab attention on the internet. His skill and aesthetic value have managed this food artist to become one of the renowned food artists in the world.

We thought of sharing these cool carvings with you as well. Scroll down to check them out and share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments section as you scroll down.

More info & Photo courtesy: Gaku


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