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French Artist Turns Pavement Cracks Into Eye Catching Art

Art can come in many forms and mediums. It also takes a lot of creativity to place the right form of art into the right place of application. This article is about an artist who has the perfect choice of art created in a very peculiar place.

Cracks, potholes, and other damages on the sidewalks are the start of the end of the sidewalk. They will collect water and extend its cracks throughout the laid structure. But this French artist has the perfect plan for that. Meet Ememem a street artist, he stands up to his reputation, taking his art to the streets. This artist fills up these cracks and gaps in the sidewalks and creates artistic mosaics in them. 

He lives in Lyon and he has also traveled to different cities across Europe to place his art on the streets. This is his signature piece of art. Anywhere he travels to, he makes sure that he leaves a bit of art on a local sidewalk. He says that he ‘heals’ the cracks and openings of the local sidewalks, adding a bit of art to it since the government doesn’t pay much attention to minor things unless the entire part is damaged.

His artwork has been popular on the internet. It is catching a lot of people’s attention since it has an unconventional placement than other forms of art. He is currently working on multiple funded projects and you will be able to keep track of his work if you followed up on him on his website. We will mention the links below.

We have also gathered some photos of this artist’s artwork for you. Scroll through the list below and rank your favorites to the top. Do not forget to leave your ideas in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ememem | Instagram | Facebook


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