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French Street Artist Brings Life In To Dull Public Spaces

Art is a form of expression that has no borders to it. It can be expressed in any way possible and it is the beauty of art, it is no specific way that one should present it to be art. There are classic forms of art such as painting on canvases, sculpturing on marble, and so on. But in modern times, people have come up with many modern forms of art which have extended niches. Such an extension of art is graffiti. Originally done as an act of vandalism in public spaces, now it is developed into an art form where artists use public spaces to create amazing art(of course with permission).

This is an artist that you have met on our website before, meet Scaf, a very talented French street artist who has already reached heights for his amazing skill. Originally he commenced his practice of graffiti on the streets themselves. He did not come from a background with any academic influence in his art career, but he picked up mind-blowing skills on the streets. Creating his own place in realistic graffiti, he has the ability to transform almost any space into a piece of art.

Scaf doesn’t always need a flat surface to create his art and he is also known to create art that he interacts with. He posts photos of his artwork while posing with them in an interactive way. This was what grabbed a lot of attention online. The artist’s skill and creativity were on point that his realistic art is at a level where you can interact with it. He now has his own company GrafoDeco where they do art on demand and so much more.

If you still don’t believe it, we got you a set of new art from this French artist below this article. You can scroll down to check out what created the fuss online. The links to find his social media accounts are mentioned below for you. Please share your ideas and thoughts about this out-of-the-world talent by Scaf in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: ScafFacebook


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