Frontline Heroes During The Pandemic Honored In 35 Portraits

Being one of the deadly and fast spread diseases, COVID-19 is now all over the world creating chaos in the lives of every person. But compared to last year, we have made huge progress with the invention of the COVID-19 vaccine and other scientific studies. Even though the virus is still here, people are now provided with a considerable amount of protection and they are more informed about it.

But no matter what, we should never forget the ones who stood their ground when the world fell into chaos. The healthcare workers were a huge part of the front liners in this pandemic. They risked their own lives to help and treat people against a virus they did not even know about at the time. Pushing the limits to help everyone they possibly can when wards were being overwhelmed, these people truly deserve the respect of the entire world.

Nanga Creations is 5 collective photographers; Aleksander Majdański, Sławek Kamiński, Mirosław Pieślak, Maciej Stanik and Marta Rybicka. They launched a project to honor the health care workers by capturing powerful portraits of health care workers in five hospitals in Poland. Their exhaustion, the energy drained faces tell the world a story of humanity and perseverance. This is project “Heroes” and these portraits were compiled into a Mosaic to be displayed in Warsaw.

This is an honorary tribute to all the frontline workers who risked their lives on the mission of keeping people alive in times of uncertainty. We thought to share the work that Aleksander Majdański shared on Bored Panda with you. These people are real-life heroes who step up every single time they are needed.

Scroll down to take a look at these powerful portraits. And may this be a huge shout-out to all those who have been devoting themselves to contributing to fighting this pandemic. Let us know what you think about this project.

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