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Funny Instagram Vs Reality Photos Of An Instagram Influencer

Social media has become a big part of most of our lives today. We scroll through various apps day and night posting and viewing the world in the version of social media. While we spend time on social media, we often envy people for having luxurious lives and mostly for the ‘perfect’ looks and photos they upload onto their accounts.

A new type of social media users was born with these perfect pictures and flashy lifestyles. They are called; “influencers”. They present a glamorous social media lifestyle that a lot of people wish that they had. But not everyone knows what goes behind the camera in their lives. They are human, just like you and I. So, there must be a way that they got to be this ‘perfect’. 

This was hilariously addressed by yet another social media influencer named Rianne Meijer. She is from Amsterdam and she too does post a lot of glamorous photos that a lot of people envy and desire. You might think they are so flawless that a simple selfie would look great. But there is a lot of practice, trial & error, lighting, filters, angles, and many more things that play a part to contribute to one photo. It is just that they have gotten used to it with time.

Meijer recently posted some pictures that stood side by side which were the pictures she posted and how they would look in reality. Through this set of photos, she reveals the ‘normal’ life she lives just like every single one of us. She explained to My Modern Met that she is just the same as any regular person, she could pop a double chin, or yawn, or look messy and unshapely at any given time.

A lot of photos that look good online are just a result of the ability to present themselves to the camera accordingly. So, let’s own ourselves and our lives because it is so beautiful just the way it is.

Meijer’s photos have created realization for many people all over the world. With a hint of being funny, she sends this message to the world through her photos. Scroll down to check some of her photos out and upvote your favorites to the top. Leave your thoughts in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Rianne Meijer | YouTube


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