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This Artist Designs Funny Posters Based On Negative Comments

National parks are a very interesting choice of destinations if you are going on a trip to enjoy the outdoors. You will get to enjoy the fresh air, see nature’s most amazing sights and have a really nice experience while being connected with nature. But not everybody enjoys a day out in nature, some people want their experience tailor-made even though we cannot control the natural surroundings. This cause the trip to be unsatisfying for such people and everyone around them as well.

America has a lot of National parks to visit and also a considerable amount of people who want their experience to be ‘what they ordered’ as well. This causes a lot of nature trips to have bad comments complaining about the animal sightings and the trip being boring. If you visit review sites and websites where people leave comments about their trips, you will find a lot of funny bad reviews that can be ridiculous at times. These types of ridiculous comments became the inspiration for Amber Share to create a set of very creative and funny poster designs.

Being a graphic designer with a sense of humor, Amber, thought of creating a set of digital-designed posters to illustrate the bad comments that she found on several National parks. This collection of hilarious artwork is named “Subpar Parks” and she has managed to spread a lot of laughs using these negative reviews. She finds it very funny that people find nature boring or uninteresting when it has so many things to offer, they can do many things there or marvel at the very interesting existence of this amazing world.

So, she collects, these negative comments and creates posters which she posts on her Instagram account. A lot of people visit her work and agree with what she expresses. The existence of this very state of the world is something that has not been found anywhere else in the explored universe. So, what bit of this awesome place is not interesting?

Scroll down to check out this hilarious set of posters by Amber. You can leave your thoughts in the comments sections and also rank your favorite poster to the top of this list. Follow the links for more information and you can find Amber’s store to purchase any artwork you like.

More info & Photo courtesy: Amber Share | Instagram | Store | Pinterest | Behance


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