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Giant Colorful Skulls Lined at This Park For Halloween

Halloween is just a couple of days away! Everyone is in their hype in getting ready to celebrate this spooky night. With all sorts of decoration and preparations being done, there are some people who are willing to go over and beyond the boundaries to do something extraordinary. They always push through to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

This article is about such an amazing set of creations. This sort of work will never fail to catch us by surprise. In the Discover Green Park in Houston, Texas, there is an awesome exhibition of a collection of cool Halloween-themed skulls laid out all over the park. You might think that finding skulls in the Halloween season is a bit ordinary. But hold on, check out the awesome facts about these sets of skulls.

There are 10 of these skulls which are out in the park and they are approximately 7 feet in their height. Yes, they are huge in size! But it doesn’t stop there, this collection of skulls are colored in traditional and neo-traditional artwork that we find in the Mexican culture of Halloween celebrations. Named “Celebración de Vida”  by a talented urban art group called; Mexicráneos,  this collection of art attracts a lot of people who pass by.

The Mexican culture celebrates Halloween and they call it the “Day of the dead”. These artwork done on the skulls are usually painted on faces in the Mexican celebrations of Halloween. They celebrate Halloween to celebrate and connect with their loved ones who have passed away. No matter where this art form comes from, it is very colorful, vibrant, and catches the eye of any and everybody.

This group of artists has been working al exhibiting their world all over the world, but this is the first time that they exhibit their artwork in the United States. So, this is a special exhibition of this art group as well as to every person who enjoys their artistic work.

We have collected some pictures of these giant and colorful skulls in Houston. They are listed below for you to check out. Do not forget to share your thought with us in the comments section as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Discovery Green | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Mexicráneos | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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