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Check Out These Graceful Photos Of Deer In The Netherlands

Deer are some of the most loved animals in the animal kingdom all across the world. Documentaries, photographs, and even the entertainment industry view deer in a very special place as a set of very innocent and pure animals. Generally, they are a very interesting type of animal.

Photographer Chris Willemsen recently captured a very graceful set of photos, captured the deer in the Netherlands on his camera. These Fallow deer were spotted by this photographer at the water supply dune, located in Amsterdam. Even though this is only one type of Deer that Chris capture in these photos, there are a recorded 43 types of Deer all around the world,

If we dive more into the classification, we can categorize them into two main groups; Old world deer and New world deer. These two types are categorized by grouping the original species as the Old World deer and the new species that have been created by crossing different species are known as the New World deer.

This specific deer, however, the Fallow deer is identified with their gingerly colored bodies with antlers. They are found mostly in the European regions, clear grounds and partially woodlands are the preferred grounds for these animals.

Even though most of the deer seem to like the same, there are a lot of kinds, and their choice of habitat, behavioral patterns, and other specifications do vary. This photographer has managed to capture this beautiful sight of these Fallow deer in the Netherlands. These pictures are so graceful that they have been featured on different social media platforms across the world.

We decided to collect this set of photos from Chris and list it down for you. Scroll down to have a look at them and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Chris Willemsen


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