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Graffiti Artist Creates Realistic Art In Perfect Placements

Creativity can spark into your mind anytime anywhere. So, this is a story about an artist who used that creativity on point. Good art work, used with proper application on a perfect location is simply magic!

The artist who is responsible for the following collection of art work is Jamie, he is also known as JSP on his Instagram and other social media platforms. Coming up with a rough child hood, Jamie had to face several incidents that made his life go down a dark path which included drinking and drugs, also with murder incidents of two of his best friends. He had given up on life with little to no help for him to get back up to his feet. But lucky for him, one of his friends introduced Jamie to museums. 

Jamie then got his inspiration to do art again. He refused to accept the commercialization of art in the modern society. He started testing his skills in general public as graffiti. After a while he quickly picked up skills and started doing graffiti in a realistic way that the subject, back ground and the actual placement of the art incorporates with one another. Here are some of JSP’s creative graffiti art that will surely amaze you. Scroll down to check it out and vote your favourite art to the top. Do not forget to leave your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Facebook | Instagram

Original Interview: BoredPanda


Written by Alex Bradley

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