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Grandma's Wool Carpets Are Designed Into A Clothing Line

Knitting wool rugs and carpets was a common practice in almost every household about a century or two ago. Even though it is not still practiced commonly as it was once done, it still is a very aesthetic hobby to try out.

This story is about a curious girl who stumbled across her grandmother’s wool carpet and turned them into something very interesting. Meet Chotronette, she has been impressed by this hobby that she watched her grandma practice and often wonders how must it have been with her great grandmother. Women back in the days of the World Wars did knitting a lot until their husbands got back from war. It passed on from her to Chotronette’s grandmother. 

With the changes in society, her grandmother’s practices were not exactly the same as her mother’s because women started to work and do many things in society. But these rugs and practices were part of the culture in Eastern Europe which was passed on from mother to daughter. Even though these practices are not embraced quite often, Chotronette was inspired by her grandmother’s creations. They were very beautiful floral patterns of vibrant colors laid out on a dark background. The contrasts and the aesthetic patterns made these wool rugs very eye-pleasing.

So, she had an idea to collect some of her grandma’s rugs and also few other authentic ones from the internet. In order to celebrate and appreciate this handmade art of women, Chotronette designed a line of clothing made by these rugs and they are awesome!

Scroll down to check them out and share what you think about these amazing designed clothing in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Chotronette


Written by Alex Bradley

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