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Have A Look At These Funny ID Photos Of These High Schoolers

Schools have their students wear School Identity cards when they are enrolled in school. Almost every school does it. But what most students don’t like about this is that the photos that are taken to be inserted in their IDs are not the best looks of them as they say.

Well, it is just a general school regularity which one school; North Farmington High School , decided to take an interesting turn with. This School has allowed its senior students to take their School ID photos as a character they would like to be in their photo. This allowed the students to take amazing and hilarious looks of their favorite pop characters.

This has been a tradition going on at this school since 2014. So, we can say that this element is well embedded in its culture. So the students are well aware of the process and they are very comfortable showing up as funny as possible. Most of them have taken looks of movie characters from movies and TV series such as Breaking Bad, Cruella, Harry Potter, and so on.

It allows the seniors to be themselves at the end of their school life with an identity for themselves. Just like every single year, students showed up for their ID photos this year. Almost everyone has posted their ID photos with their references online after their pictures were taken and they have gained a lot of attention on the internet.

So, we have decided to collect some of the photos that students took for their 2022 School ID cards. Scroll down to check out what this school offers its senior students. You can comment down your ideas in the comments and upvote your favorites to the top.


Written by Alex Bradley

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