Here Are 30 Amazing Outfits That Blends In With Matching Art

Three of the most famous and commonly seen forms of art are paintings, photography, and fashion. Both of them are expressive in their own ways. The difference is that the paintings are displayed and their beauty is to be viewed only, while fashion is expressive in wearing it and photography captures everything in an artistic perspective. All things said a lot of people like to see and wear artistic things in general.

We would like to bring to you a set of artistic photos where you will see photos of people posing with paintings while wearing matching outfits to blend in with the painting. This is from an Instagram account named matchwithart. The artist behind this account explained to Bored Panda how she captures these amazing photos. She initially selects a piece of art that she plans to pose with. Then she shops for clothes that have the same patterns or color blends.

After an extensive search, she will visit the painting with her matching outfit to capture these aesthetically pleasing photos. She has an eye to grab the colors and the patterns in a painting and see the same in clothing that is made totally separately.

These pictures are loved by a lot of people on Instagram who follow her for more and more of these amazing pictures. They share her photos all over the internet making her even more famous. You can check out her social media account by following the links below. We have also collected some photos for you and listed them down.

Check them out by scrolling down. You can also share your thoughts about these amazing pictures in the comments sections and upvote your favorites to the top.

More info & Photo courtesy: matchwithart


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