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Here Are A Bunch Of Typophobic Moments In Our Daily Life

People have different types of phobias and fears that they freak out about. Some might be afraid of heights, others of needles, and so on. But this article focuses on one of those phobias which a bunch of people has been posting about online.

This type of fear is called “Typophobia”. It is the fear of closely packed things or holes. People would shriek out and feel disgusted with anything that is close and packed. The bad thing for those people is that there are enough things to trigger them everywhere all-around their daily lives.

If you do not believe it, there is an entire subreddit named r/trypophobia where people post and discuss about their fears on this online platform. Yes, you might be thinking that, if you are with this phobia, why should you look into it. It should not be seen as a scarehouse but as a group of people who share the same amount of fear as you do on a common thing.

The Head Of Treatment in the Addiction Treatment in the UK, Nuno Albuquerque spoke to Bored Panda. She said that these phobias are the most commonly found anxiety disorders among people and they can also be passed from parents to children when the children see their parents being afraid.

We have collected some of the photos people have posted on this subreddit for you and listed them below. You can scroll down and upvote the most gnarliest photos of your choice to the top. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: r/trypophobia


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