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Here Are Dotwork Tattoos That You Might Want To Get On Your Skin

As tattoos develop into a mainstream aesthetic form of art, it has taken different avenues when different styles of tattooing are introduced. These styles, tend to have different appearances, they may look good on certain designs, skin types, or tastes. Art becomes much beautiful when it becomes varied.

So, this article presents you with another style of tattooing; Dotwork. The name itself speaks about the style itself. Rather than lines and filling, these tattoos consist of dots. Just like how pictures get made out of single pixels, the dots have different shades, depths, and colors to create a cohesive design. The tattoo artist and illustrator Annita Maslov who is from Australia is a very talented artist and her area of interest falls under the ‘Dotwork’ style in tattooing.

She likes to create, mythological, classical, and goth-inspired artwork. Using only black ink to create monochromatic art on skin. She has been doing some amazing tattooing on her clients who have received amazing tattoos.

People often look at tattooing as a culture with designs that have big and bold lines, with bright colors filled inside. But, tattooing is much more sophisticated than that, it has a huge number of styles and techniques that run in all directions. Maslov’s tattooing is a favorite choice among her clients and the people who follow her on social media. She posts a lot of her work, so potential clients would have a proper understanding of her work and her strong skills.

We thought of presenting you with some of her work below. Scroll down to check them out and you can rank your favorite ‘Dotwork’ tattoos of Maslov to the top of the list. Share your thoughts about this style with us and also if you have any ‘Dotwork’ tattoos on yourself as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Annita Maslov | Facebook | Instagram


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