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Here Are Some Celebrities Who Got Canceled Unfairly

Being a celebrity is not that easy. You might think that all they have to do is to bask in the glamour and enjoy the expensive lifestyle. But in reality, it can be harder than leading a normal life that any average person would have. 

There will be attention drawn to you all the time, even when you don’t want it to be that way. Cameras, reporters, and people trying to peek into your life all the time when it is necessary and when it is not. A lot of Reuters and reporters try to overperform the others, so it gets very competitive which makes celebrities overwhelmed at times. Their personal lives are very hard to be kept personal and everything they do should be explained & see-through since negative news sells faster than good. Most of the time an interpreted story sells more than a validated one, so celebrities should really be aware of what they do with the eyes watching them.

But sadly, there are many cases where celebrities have been blacklisted, defamed, and humiliated in society for something they did not even do. This is the dark side of being a celebrity. More fame calls out for more trouble in larger magnitudes. You must know enough amount of celebrities internationally and even locally in your own countries who are tagged negatively by the press or some organization.

So, recently there was a discussion on Reddit about some of these celebrities who were ‘canceled’ unfairly since they did nothing wrong. This discussion has drawn a lot of attention on Reddit as well as on the internet. The list goes from Johnny Depp to Britney Spears and so on. If you are interested in reading the stories about celebrities who go ‘canceled’ unjustly, scroll down and check out the stories that we gathered for you.

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Hana Kimura. She was an Indonesian-Japanese wrestler who often played the heel, and she wanted to be an actress. When she was offered a chance to be in the reality show Terrace House, she jumped at it.

As we all know, reality shows are scripted. In a scene, Hana (remember, a professional wrestler on a reality show) "slapped" removed another contestant's hat1 and scolded him. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were overrun with awful comments, racist criticisms, and death threats for weeks, but over time it tapered off.

Part of a reality show producer's job is to know how the audience thinks of all of the stars. The company monitors media coverage and social media trends. They knew.

But right after quarantine started in Japan, they re-aired the episode.

Hana lived alone. When the abuse began again, it must have seemed endless. She apologized on social media, took her kitten to the Stardom Wrestling office, and went home to [take her own life].

She was 22.


Jenna Marbles. Basically people were angry at her old content that she made 10 years ago and while she's already apologized for her actions and addressed how she now understands why it's inappropriate, she felt that her presence on YT was causing more harm and it was too much to keep rehashing the same issue. She still streams with Julian all the time.

I miss Jenna. Grew up as she grew up and her ability to mature and grow helped me do the same.


Sinead O'Connor

Spoke out against corruption and pedophilia in the catholic church very blatantly in a SNL act. Was completely removed from anything in the entertainment industry. Turns out instead of moral outrage people should have listened. I've seen in somewhat recent interviews that she is somewhat well adjusted despite it all. She knew it was going to cross a line when she did it, but she believes it pushed any investigation into such things forward and possibly gave people courage to speak up.


Liam Neeson. The man isn’t just an incredible actor he’s an amazing human being who gives selflessly and asks for nothing. But because he admitted to having a racially violent thought way back when, when he was much younger and much more naive, a thought he literally said he was ashamed he’d ever had in the first place, the piece of s#$t journalist interviewing him twisted the narrative to make Liam look like a racist just to make a name for himself.


Mira Sorvino. She went from one of the most in-demand actresses after winning her Oscar, to being completely blacklisted because Weinstein was telling anyone who'd listen that she was a diva and impossible to work with.

When Peter Jackson was still making LotR through Miramax, Weinstein told him not to hire Judd or Sorvino, and Jackson believed him. Even when the movies eventually moved to New Line Cinema, he still believed what Weinstein had told him, and wouldn't work with them.

When #MeToo started snowballing, Jackson remembered what Weinstein had told him about the two and apologized to them for it.


Monica Lewinsky. Judging from her Twitter account, she seems like a lovely person.

It's a shame. Dave Chappelle said it best. 'Who hasn't sucked a d#$k they regretted?' and Bill was a charismatic dude too. Lots of people get into relationships with authority figures during lapses in judgment, but Monica has been the butt of a joke because of it for two decades because of her lapse in judgment.

S#$%#y situation, she deserves better.

Also, f$%k the person that said Lewinsky doesn't deserve better.


Ingrid Berman was unhappily married to a doctor, Peter Lindstrom, with whom she had one child, Pia. In the late 1940s she had an affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini. When news of the affair broke she lost all her contracts, her husband took her daughter, and the scandal was so intense US senators gave speeches condemning her on the Senate floor.

Because of the fallout she wasn't allowed to see her daughter Pia for seven years, and didn't make a Hollywood movie for seven years as well (She returned in Anastasia).


Corey Feldman. Truly breaks my heart. I had the chance to get to know him when I was a kid in 2000. He was pretty normal then. Because of what the industry did to him he always made sure that i was being taken care of on set and that I was protected from the same monstrosities. I think Haim dying really f#$%@d him up again. I will always be so grateful of how he looked out for me and I hope he gets the help he needs.


Johnny Depp.

As a male that was in a relationship with an abusive woman, this whole thing breaks my heart. 

I know how hard it can be to come out about, and how hard it is to be believed at all. And then of course, as soon as someone starts to put pressure on the abuser, suddenly all these allegations start coming out about you, and none of them true or accurate, but because she's a woman, she must be the victim right?

If my ex was upset about something, she'd rub the cat on my pillow (I'm allergic) so I'd be up all night coughing and wheezing. Then she'd s@#t on me for staying up late. Then give me s@#t for sleeping in the next day.

My ex used to punch me in the face while I was sleeping. She couldn't stand my snoring. I'd go to work in the mornings with a black eye. If she fell asleep first, it was ok, but she was always up late, so I'd have to go sleep on the couch. But she'd insist on staying up late and watching TV, so I couldn't sleep on the couch. I fell asleep on the bathroom floor once out of sheer exhaustion.

There are so many more examples, but the point is I feel for JD 100%


Megan Fox deserved better than the way media constantly sexualised her and ignored anything she had to say. She has numerous interviews trying to talk about being uncomfortably sexualised by Michael Bay when she was a teenager but the audience and interviewer would just cheer as if she wasn’t talking about predatory behaviour. Megan Fox is so smart and eloquent NOT the bimbo Hollywood would have you believe.


Kind of a unique case but: Laura Dern.

When Laura Dern played Ellen’s girlfriend on the episode where she came out, she was blacklisted by the industry for nearly a decade. And some people would harass her to the point she needed protection in public.

She says her manager warned her she wouldn’t get roles if she agreed to take the part on Ellen but did so anyways. She went from Jurassic Park and being in demand to nobody giving her a call.

Obviously she’s recovered but we lost a decade of great Laura Dern performances because of studios perception that she was cancelled by public opinion for playing a gay role.


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