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Here Are Some Colorful Faces At Carnival In Brazil

Carnival, held in Brazil is one of the most colorful and the biggest celebrations in the world. There is a lot of colors, fireworks, dancing, partying and much more. But the most beautiful thing that you will find there is the people. They just come together to have a good time, people from all over the world fly into Brazil for this event. There is a whole lot of salsa, colorful outfits, and a lot of glitters.

This photographer has been visiting the Carnival celebrations for years and he has been collecting photos for his photo collection; ‘Humanos do Carnaval’. Patrick Sister is the name of this talented photographer and he is amazed by this huge celebration that goes on for the entire day, but people and their faces are the most fascinating thing he likes to document.

This event is close to the heart of Brazil’s tourism as millions of dollars flow into the country as people from all over the world flock into Brazil to witness this magical event. Samba schools stand their grounds of prestige by performing at this event with colorful and sparkly costumes. This event is a display of Brazil’s amazing culture. Although the main parade heads through a stadium that only holds 80, 000 people, there are a lot of parties, dancing, and event almost everywhere! Streets, pubs, hotels, dancing academies, you name it!

The beaches, the people, the food, partying, samba, colorful clothing, the sun, and the Carnival are the main things that tourists come for, in Brazil. Even though these things and events bring people into Brazil, people are the reason that these events are so interesting. And that is what this photographer tries to show through his photo collection.

We have collected some of his photos below this article. Have a look at them while taking your favorites to the top of this list by upvoting them. The link to his Instagram account is mentioned below, follow the link for more information. Most importantly, do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Patrick Sister


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