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Here Are Your Favorite Disney Princesses In Present Day

Disney has been a big part of many lives of many generations in the world. Their, stories and the fantasy world have enchanted the imaginations of children and adults. Based on folklore, the entertainment industry has made its foundation on these fairy tales, to develop into the cinematic industry that we see today. But to guide us into the magic, characters in these stories have touched our hearts.

These characters are iconic and almost everyone in the world has no hesitation in identifying who they are. But have you ever wondered how would they look like if the stories were designed on the society’s modern-day interpretation? Do not worry, an amazing illustrator from Kiev has done the job for you. Meet Daria Artemieva who is the artist behind this amazing concept. She has designed these ever-loved Disney princesses as if they were Millenials.

The clothing has been illustrated to fit the present fashion trends but the themes and colors are based on their originally dressed costumes. It is very interesting to see that this artist has managed to morph the original characteristics and themes into this recreation flawlessly.

Including pop elements that related to the young adult crowd today such as; pizza, selfies, and modern fashion trends, this set of photos hit its mark. You can check out your favorite Disney princess in the present day thanks to this amazing digital illustrator.

She has also done many other illustrations that related to modern pop and entertainment cultures on her social media accounts. Many people have grown fond of her work and these artworks have already been shared across the internet. So, we listed a few of your favorites down below. Scroll down and let us know what you think about them. Do not forget to upvote your favorites to the top.

More info & Photo courtesy: Daria Artemieva


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