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Here Is The Latest Wedding Photo Style ‘The Mermaid Brides’

Weddings are one of the most interesting, expensive, and important social events in any culture in the world. The food, the decorations, the new relationships made, and most importantly the amazing dress of the bride is something to talk of even after the wedding is done and dusted.

But there is a bit of an issue with the wedding culture for some time now. The weddings, gowns, the arrangements and mostly the photos taken at the wedding started to look more and more the same as everyones’. The cultural and the traditional aspects have sunken in an unspoken tradition that almost everyone follows, which makes every wedding look the same.

Although that is the situation of the majority of weddings all around the world, there are modern event planners and photographers who try to break through the norms of these events.

Meet Adam Opris. This awesome photographer wants to break through the norms of the general wedding photography guidelines. With his skill and knowledge in underwater photography, he took the bride under the water. The magical buoyance effect of the bride and the gorgeous dress. But this was not done with a real bride and groom. These were professional divers who had many practice sessions and also a safety diving crew standing by behind the camera.

This amazing photo shoot was done 30 feet under the surface of the water. A lot of people who saw this online absolutely love it. This set of pictures have been shared all over the internet and we decided to share some of these mind-blowing pictures with you. Scroll down to check them out and share your thoughts about this with us in the comments sections below.

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