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High-Speed Images Captures The Bursting Of Water Balloons

Things in life pass by and we cannot do anything to stop them. But we di have photography to capture them on photos forever. Photography has evolved so much, going beyond the boundaries of still photography, portraits, nature photography, and so on. There are a huge number of various niches in photography.

One of those niches is ‘high-speed’ photography. This involves a higher speed in the camera to capture things that happen very fast in the naked eye. Meet Edward Horsford, he is very interested in capturing ‘fast’ things with impeccable timing on his camera. This photographer from London tried out a project, to capture water formations, free in the air.

Yes, it is a bit odd, but what he did was; he filled up some balloons with water and punctured them. So, for a matter of moments, the rubber cracks open while the water is still in the formation of the balloon. Even though water is a liquid, it takes a moment for gravity to break down the formation and pull the water down.

So, it is this moment that this creative photographer times for. The shutter speed and the proper timing made him end up with some awesome set of photographs of water in the formation, moments before splattering. After getting hold of it, this artist tried different angles, light effects, and additional effects. But nothing is edited, every photo is a properly-timed and executed photograph.

This set of photos has been getting a lot of attention on the internet and these pictures have been shared across multiple social media platforms. We have shared some of these photographs for you below. Check them out and share your thoughts with us in the comment sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Edward Horsford | Flickr


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