40 Hilarious Hand-Made Things That Are Questionable

Learning a skill or a craft is a super awesome thing a person can do. It might not help you with your current professional career, but it can help you to exert your creativity or to get things done yourself. People experienced this a lot in the past year when the entire world went into lockdown.

Even if it was not for the lockdowns, people did a lot of ‘Do It Yourself’ crafts which allows you to create something yourself rather than getting it done or buying. It can reward you in very handy ways, that you did not even think of. But, it all depends on your level of skill and practice of that specific craft. You can create amazing things if you are good at it, but if you are not, maybe you should practice more before you try to put it out there.

As much as there are pages, groups, and gatherings on the internet to discuss different types of fails. People discuss DIY fails as well, just to have a good old laugh. As we surfed through the internet, we stumbled across this subreddit which is an epic hotspot for DIY fails on Reddit. It is named r/DiWHY and you will get to see all sorts of weird stuff.

Not every person in this world is a skilled and creative artist, it is okay to get things wrong. The point is to do what you are happy with and keep trying until your practice makes you perfect. If you scroll down, you will get to see some cringy, hilarious, and a bit not well-done set of DIY crafts that we collected from the aforementioned subreddit.

So, take a gander at the list that we put together for you below. You can rank your favorites by upvoting as you have a good old laugh while scrolling down. Make sure your leave your thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: r/DiWHY


Written by Alex Bradley

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