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Hilarious Wax Figures That Failed To Mimic The Subject

The art of wax figures came into the mainstream conversation when the wax figure artists started to sculpt and mimic popular people. Since then, a lot of wax figures are being made and the artist has become more and more talented in producing them.

They are present in many establishments which are associated with entertainment. They have wax figures of iconic people for the visitors to look at. There are wax figure museums, auctions and in the present day, you can also order your own wax figure to be built to. They mimic a realistic model of yourself, they also use realistic measurements of your body.

But this is a bit of a contrasting story. This Twitter user Wyatt Dunkin posted a line of wax figures that the Hollywood Wax Museum auctioned a decade ago to mimic various pop stars in the world. And they were funny and creepy at the same time! As he explained to Bored Panda, he has accidently stumbled across one wax figure randomly. With the building curiosity, he has searched for the rest of the figures that were auctioned in that specific auction.

After unveiling the full set of wax figures, he couldn’t believe his eyes since some of those wax figures were sold for thousands of dollars at that time and some of them were absolutely ‘cursed’.

Dunkin decided to collect the ugliest pictures of the lot and post them on his Twitter profile to share these hilarious figures and have a laugh with his fellow Twitter users. But he did not intend for his post to go viral, but it did.

We have collected a set of pictures from Dunkin’s post for you below. Scroll down to check them out and upvote the most funniest or creepiest wax figures that you find below. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts on these figures, down in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Wyatt Dunkin | Twitter (Alt) | Patreon | YouTube


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