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Funny Edits Show How Hollywood Sees Other Countries

As everyone knows, the American movie industry or Hollywood is dominating the current cinema industry of the world. Creating an amazing amount of movies each year they have managed to stay on the top. It is fair to say that they have the best movie industry with all the technology, investments, and with a reputation that they have built.

But Being such a big industry has its own setbacks, you will get a ton of attention, as well as criticism as well. One of the most attributes that have been looked down upon is how they present other countries. If you have watched Hollywood movies that present other countries, you might have felt weird with all the colors. For example, if it is Mexico, you will surely see a lot of yellowishness on the screen. If it is Europe you will see a different color set and it keeps changing all over the world. But when you visit those countries in real life, there is nothing of the sort.

Why does Hollywood do it? Some producers have addressed this matter to show that different hues of colors present the intensity and emotions through them. But it is a bit weird to see different countries in different color filters.

As we surfed across the internet, we found something funny, and creative. Bored Panda has posted about how the US movies portray other countries with different countries. With that, they have posted some funny fan-made edits as well. So, we listed them down for you to check out. Scroll down and let us know what you think about this effect that Hollywood brings in the comments sections below.


Written by Alex Bradley

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