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How Interior Designing Changed Over Time

The houses people live in and its interior design reflects a lot about them. As much as it reflects in the people, time has affected on the changes that have taken over the interior design in houses.

To portray this change and also predicting the future, American Home Shield has taken over a challenge to design concept models of various spaces in houses. These models are of the 1800s,2000s and also the 2100s. These surrealistic models will project how things evolved in houses and what might develop into them. There are also some elements which are prone to change that we are not conscious about. Check out this cool collection of models and share your ideas as well!More info & Photo courtesy: | youtube.comFacebook |

#1. A Kitchen from the 1800s.

#2. A Kitchen from the 2000s.

#3. A Kitchen from the 2100s.

Many features are temporary elements in a kitchen. If you compare a modern kitchen with an earlier kitchen, you might see that manual stoves turned into regulated standard gas operated stoves and other utensils as such. Studying these changes, we can only predict that the changes will continue to happen as the time goes by.

#4. A Dinning room from the 1800s.

#5. A Dinning room from the 2000s.

#6. A Dinning room from the 2100s.

Dinning was an exclusive experience in the earlier times. the sophisticated furniture and setting was not something that many in the society could experience. In modern times, a dinning room is one of the common rooms that almost every body have. It is more lighted up and minimalistic in contrast to the earlier set up. The future might bring us changes with virtual reality and such technologies to take dinning into another new level.

#7. A Bedroom from the 1800s. 

#8. A Bedroom from the 2000s. 

#9. A Bedroom from the 2100s.

A bedroom in 1800s was a sign of elegance and class. The fabrics, setup and the whole ambience was to project the class of a certain house. The modern bedroom is much simplistic with comforting fabrics and more lighting. The future bedrooms might become developed with a lot of automatiion and maybe even forms of better fabrics.

#10. A Living room from the 1800s.

#11. A Living room from the 2000s.

#12. A Living room from the 2100s.

The Living room has changed drastically with time. Bookshelves were a big part of the living room just as the sophisticated furniture when it was in the 1800s which is not seen in the modern living room which is more spacious and minimalist. In the future it will be more equipped with much developed technology.

#13. A Bathroom from the 1800s.

#14. A Bathroom from the 2000s.

#13. A Bathroom from the 2100s.

The bathrooms have taken a change with time. It has changed from bold lighting and wall paintings, it has moved into simple set ups which supports relaxation. With the advancing technology, it will enhance our bathrooms more to enhance the relaxation.


Written by Alex Bradley

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