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Breath Taking Hybrid Ocean Photos By This Photographer

Sea is an amazing place on this planet where there are collections of vivid scenes, creatures, and all sorts of amazing sights that you will ever see. When you submerge in water, you will feel as if you have entered an entirely different world. You must have seen it in underwater photos and video, some may even have experienced it first hand. But you cannot be present both in and out of the water at the same time.

Even though you cannot be in and out of the water at the same time, a photographer for the National Geographic Channel has succeeded in capturing hybrid photographs that offer you both of these views in a single photo. These photos are not edited or manipulated in any other way. David Doubilet is the name of this awesome photographer who partially submerges his waterproof camera. This splits the photo into two. The bottom half captures the underwater scene while the top half captures the scene above water.

This amazing concept lets you see a combined photo that incorporates both of these worlds. Letting you have a peek at the magic of both the worlds that is twice beautiful as one of those worlds could be. The colors, the different animals, their lifestyles, and every aspect that is so different coexists in harmony. It is so relaxing and visually pleasing to look at David’s photographs.

However, this photographer did not shoot this for the National Geographic Channel. It was a personal project that he partnered with Phaidon to publish these photos as a book named “Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea“. This book is now up for sale on Amazon and also on the Phaidon website as well.

You can scroll down to have a look at a few samples that you will find in this book. Please share your views and thoughts about this set of photos in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: David Doubilet | Facebook | Instagram | Phaidon


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