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Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Icebergs In Greenland

The world is a far and wide place with a huge amount of different things to see and study. It will never stop amazing us with its diversity. Even though every single one of us cannot spend our days traveling to the far reaches of the globe, we get to experience it virtually with the help of modern technology.

Internet surely serves it by acting as a medium but photographers play a huge part in capturing some of the most amazing sights of the world. They travel to every corner of the world and present amazing things in very interesting perspectives of their camera lens. One of these amazing photographers is Maria Sahai. She is an awesome photographer from Russia, who is always astonished by tales of places far away. This interest and amazement led her to travel the world in search of these magical places and stories. She captures these places on her camera to document her own creative perspective of the story.

In this article, we selected a specific location that this photographer has traveled to; Ilulissat. This is a town in Greenland and it is known for its cool collection of icebergs. Being a country pushing towards the North Pole, Greenland offers the chance to see icebergs with your own eyes from the country. So, Maria paid a visit to this amazing place which was famous for its iceberg-watching.

Maria loves to capture the awesome formations and the routines of these icebergs which flow further to the south as she spectates with a hot drink. So, all of these pictures that are listed below are photos that were captured with a personal appreciation of this amazing environment that she posted on Bored Panda. So scroll down to check out this awesome photography appreciation that Maria has paid to Greenland.

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More info & Photo courtesy: Maria Sahai


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