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30 Cool Illustrations Look As If They Are From A Fairy Tale

Illustrative art is an amazing practice that lets people express themselves and also transport themselves & the viewers to a magical world in an instant. The colors, shapes, and compositions don’t have to be the same things in the real world and that is the best part of creating an illustration. You get to do create art as you wish, creating your own parameters.

This article is about us a wonderful artist who has created a set of awesome illustrations. Meet Devin Elle Kurtz, she is mostly known as TamberElla on the internet. Coming from California, she is a professional illustrator and a concept artist. She grew up with a really interesting childhood that laid a foundation for what she is now today. She mentioned on Bored Panda that her mother studied graphic designing when she was just a kid. And TamberElla got the chance to draw & paint on her mom’s tablet from a very young age. Since photoshop was introduced to her at an age where she was learning to read and write, it was nothing new when she pursue her goals professionally.

In a very unfortunate turn of events, she was diagnosed with  CVS. She used her illustrative artistry as a mode of escape into the magical realm she always believed in as a kid. But, she doesn’t let her sickness hold her back she now, is a professional digital artist who is famous across many social media platforms. This artist is fond of creating illustrations about magical animals, which she find peace & comfort in its process, and in its art.

We thought of collecting some of her amazing art for you to see below this article. So, why don’t you scroll down to take a trip to the magical world that TamberElla has created? Follow her on social media and check out more of her awesome illustrations. In the meantime, upvote the picture you like the most to the top of this list and share your thoughts about this artist in the comments sections.

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