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Illustrations Of 14 Weird Offences Across States In The US

Countries across the world have their own governments. They impose their own types of laws. In some cases where there are states, different states can have laws applied to that specific state as well.

A photographer in the United States, Olivia Locher,  has researched some of her country’s weirdest set of laws all across the states. She has researched and illustrated how people would look if they were violating these laws imposed. This photographer has illustrated many strange and funny laws that are still active. There are many laws all over the world that are being introduced all the time and there are laws remaining in the system that might seem a bit weird as well.

Locher has continued her project since 2014 when she got interested in this set of laws initially. And now, she has compiled all of those photos into a photo book called; “ Fought the Law“. This book is now on sale and a lot of people have been talking about this. Some pictures of this series have been uploaded by the photographer herself and they were shared all over the internet. A lot of people praised her ability to illustrate them with proper humor and a lot of people had not known these laws until they have seen these pictures.

You can scroll down and have a look at them. While scrolling through this list you can upvote your favorites to the top by upvoting on the photo. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections or even if you got any weird laws from your country to share with us.

More info & Photo courtesy: Olivia Locher | Instagram


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