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Illustrator Builds Animals Figures Using Flower Petals For Their Bodies

When you consider art in the modern context, digital art is a very common and very powerful form of art that people use. The arrival and the development of these digital art trends paved the world with a huge number of avenues in terms of art. This article is about yet another digital artist who presents the world with his amazing skillset through one of his most impressive works.

Here is a very talented digital artist; Josh Dykgraaf who is from Australia. He has done this specific project; ‘Terraform’ on Photoshop where he transforms flowers, mainly petals into realistic animals. It seems as if these animals are mutated to be formed out of flowers because it really does look like those real animals only differentiating with the texture they are made out of.

As this artist describes, he has to go through very complex sessions of layering during the edit. Layers over layers, he finally finishes a piece in an average of 60 hours of editing. This artist sets up his own studio to get the pictures of flowers from different angles to use them in his art. This is a complex and time-consuming project, but with dedication, Dykgraaf completes each piece in a very appealing nature.

There are a number of animals that this artist has produced, using his Photoshop skills and creativity. A lot of people are amazed by the finished look of this artwork. They look so realistic, but they are made up of single flower petals in incredible composition. His dedication of time, focus, and effort into this project is remarkable and he truly deserves the recognition and the popularity he gets for his art online.

You can follow this artist for more of his work by following the links below. We have collected some of his art for you below. Check them out and let us know what you like the most. Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below while you scroll through the list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Josh Dykgraaf | Instagram | Behance


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