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Here Are 30+ Hilariously Inaccurate Stock Photo Jobs

Even though the internet is so vast and most of it is accessed for free, there are certain rules and rights when dealing with content that people upload. There are photos and videos of people uploaded constantly, but if you want to use them in your project, assignment, or any other work, you should make sure you got the legal rights approved by the owner.

This can be a hard task in contacting the owner and also sometimes getting their approval. But, there is a solution for it; Stock-photos. These photos are created to be extracted and used in any type of work that will give you the exact type of photos you need in one place. Some of these photos are free while the others have to be purchased. But people do purchase since these photos are made with the sole purpose of being used in other things.

The flop side of these photos is that they are produced in huge quantities that sometimes, the photos are not very realistic. Sometimes they fail at a rate that they turn out to be really funny. Even if these fails are invisible to the public eye, the real-life professionals of these specific jobs identify the flaws in these staged photos.

So, this reason led to the viral hashtag trend on Twitter #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob. People shared stock photos under this hashtag, explaining why these photos fail hilariously. It is very funny to read these comments of the professionals and it makes sense to anyone who reads them.

Therefore, we decided to share a set of these stock photos that have been reposted on this viral Twitter thread below. You can scroll down to check them out and let us know if you note any flaws yourself in the comments sections. Please upvote the funniest stock photo that fails to the top of this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob


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