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Incredible Hair Coloring Done By This Self-Taught Stylist Is An Eye Catcher

Fashion and the art of styling has reached new heights in the modern world. With the ever evolving technology, creativity and the interest of the crowd; there is a demand for newer styles and fashion trends. So, there are all sorts of new trends all the time. Out of the vast fields of fashion, hair is a very highlighted subject.

People are interested in trying all sorts of hair styling which they find as trends. Hair coloring is a very popular topic and that is what we will be bringing you. Meet Ksenia Kisavna who is a Russian hair colorist. The specialty about her is that she has taught herself this trade and now she is doing very creative coloring that is being talked about all over the world.

Modern hair coloring has shifted from just doing a single color on the hair to creating different shades with multiple colors that fits just right. Starting in 2017, she has enough experience under her belt now. Almost every client who visits her walks out of her salon with literal ‘art’ on their hair.

She prefers to be creative and fresh all the time without being generic and boring. She does not see hair coloring as a job but as a form of art. So, she creates incredible blends and patterns to create an art piece that her client will be proud to wear and show off. She has been very successful with her work since almost all of her clients post her work with great pride. She has gained a huge amount of attention on social media where she posts her work and also being tagged with customer recommendation. 

We have listed a few pictures of her amazing work. Scroll down to check out her work, maybe they will inspire you to try something creative on your next hair color. You can upvote your favorite hair coloring out of the lot below and also feel free to share your thoughts with us.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ksenia Kisavna


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