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Incredible Silhouette Photography In The Glowing Sunset

Sunset is such a beautiful and powerful moment where the sun basks everything in its golden glow before it sinks into the horizon. It is the time where people and the entire environment turns into silhouettes. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant parts of a day. 

This wonderful time has inspired the young photographer Sulabh Lamba who creates amazing scenic and cinematic scenes for his photographs. Using his brothers and friends as subjects to stand in for Lamba’s photos, he creates scenes where the silhouettes interact with the sun and bring out the illusion that it is yet another object in the foreground.

Based in Golia, New Delhi, Lamba is now a well known person on the internet. His posts on Instagram have a large number of followers who view and share them all around the internet. This is a fame that Lamba never expected. Using this unexpected positivity as another inspiration, he keeps on pursuing to be a much creative photographer to work with the silhouettes.

He has also expanded his reach by applying into some international photography competitions as well. It is a very happy journey for this 22 year old Indian boy who gets to pursue his hobby on an international level. His love for sunsets and the silhouettes have led him here and with the love he receives from the online community, he is even more encouraged to become better with every shot he captures.

We have collected some of his amazing silhouette photography for you and listed them below. Please scroll down to check them out. Upvote what you like the best and comment down if you like to share your thoughts with us. 

More info & Photo courtesy: Sulabh Lamba


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